Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim

Every show of Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels is an experience for itself - it's timeless, it's a feast for the ears, and it's such a pleasure to see them doing all the work on stage when you just lean back staring at them, with their aural earbuds tickling your eardrums.

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Chris Sigdell is an experimental electronic musician. He developed a soft spot for early industrial textures and pioneering ambient soundscapes while cutting his teeth in cult industrial band NID (1995-2005). He builds an interesting body of work that moves in various directions at the same time. From dealings with ambient and isolationism on one hand and experimental music, ranging from the soft microsound end to the more engaging noise end, in a clever combination of ideas.

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Mirrors for Psychic Warfare (Scott Kelly & Sanford Parker)

The band's haunting self-titled debut is the sonic manifestation of insomnia, complete with the tossing, the turning, and the perennial dread that comes with facing another shabby daylight.The five songs lurch and pulsate across a desolate landscape with an almost curious obsessiveness. While Mirrors for Psychic Warfare may remind some of the best work on the classic Cold Meat Industry label, there is enough familiar Kelly/Parker-isms scattered throughout to keep the album stimulating. It is a work with more in common with a fever or a fitful wraith than a record.

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DJ Difficult Music

"Known amongst much for the consistently versatile and exploring radio show "Difficult Music for Difficult People" sent from Hamburg open radio station, FSK DJ Difficult Music shares his incredible knowledge and extremely broad interests in music with more or less difficult people on the air or in the venue."

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Sleazy Pictures of Teapee

"Sleazy Pictures of Teapee dient als Shit-Noise-Vehikel für die Solo-Pfade von Sven Geberit ( aka Typ Geyler aka Amy Whitehouse, bekannt von u.a. Föten mit Flöten,Kunstkacke, Milchschäumorchester of Chicago, Föten mit Flöten II, Teller Kotze...). Sperrmüll Tape Massaker, zu klassifizieren als Field Doom mit Einflüssen aus Fridge Drone und World Noise."